The Granpa Who Uses Nine Phones to Play PokemonGO in Taiwan

鳳梨先生 Mr. Pineapple – 二手機車上的蘇格拉底 Socrates on the Used Scooter 【Official Music Video】


皇后皮箱 Queensuitcase – 海浪 Tidal Wave (Official Audio)

莉莉周她說 Lily Chou-Chou Lied【睡】

【「曼哈頓懸日」降臨高雄 TVBS帶您直擊】

13月終了 Undecimber Fin. – 沒有我在的地方 No Vacancy Here (Official Music Video)

The last film poster painter of Taiwan

After 48 years of immortalising Hollywood legends, one of the world’s last film painters is now partially blind but vows to continue ‘until I can no longer see’.

流氓阿德 Ardor Huang【曾經我也想過一了百了 I Once Thought about Ending It All】Official Lyric Video

孫盛希 Shi Shi Feat 魏如萱 waa wei【我又不是女超人 Not A Superwoman】Official Lyric Video